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If you wanted to try yourself in a horror game that combines the elements of adventurous production with cooperation, then Secret Neighbor is the best option you can choose. This is a wonderful game that was created by Dynamic Pixels, the same guys, who gave us Hello Neighbor. This time they perfected the game and got rid of all the bugs and issues. As a result, we receive a very entertaining horror-action product that distinguish from its rivals thanks to cartoon-like and sweet graphics.

Secret Neighbor is like the expansion and complete version of Hello Neighbor. It means that we will take the role of a person who just moved on suburbs. There, we noticed a suspicious activity of our titular Neighbor. There are of course significant changes in here. Contrary to what we received earlier on, in Secret Neighbor, our goal is to save our friend, who is held by the Neighbor in the basement. Interesting fact is that we can personate one of the several children and play as them.

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What is this game all about?

Almost all the elements we knew from the first edition of the game appear. However, in here the key to success is to cooperate with others. The game allows up to 8 players to play and seek for our friend. Interesting thing is that one of the players is the Neighbor himself, who is just a kid in disguise. The goal of this player is to gain trust of others and mate everything as difficult as it can be. Ultimately, the Neighbor will have to scare them all away.

Graphics in this game is also worth noting. It combines the sweet elements and cartoon-like finishing with a very tense and dark theme. Thanks to that, it is a great horror game that will appeal to both mature audience as well as the youngsters.

This is why do not wait any longer and play Secret Neighbor on your mobile device. It is available on PC, iOS, or Android. That is why take your pick!